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AN AUDIENCE WITH JOHN RICHARDSON - PSYCHIC SPIRITUAL MEDIUM CLAIRVOYANT - This is the original ONE NIGHT ONLY! You will not have seen it before and you will never see it again! An evening of Mediumship, Clairvoyance & Spiritual Connections to demonstrate that an afterlife does exist by the validation of  messages. This is a ONE NIGHT ONLY with NO TWO NIGHTS THE SAME! Enjoy receiving messages from the other-side of life sent especially 4YOU! Adding colour, humor (Yes fun) and normality to this often thought, though erroneously assumed, grey and taboo subject. The night belongs to you! Your Family, Friends and Acquaintances on both sides of life. Giving the comfort in knowing that life does continue... For all infinity! Watch this Website, Facebook and Twitter for upcoming Dates & Venues. #ONE NIGHT ONLY! #YORKSHIRE PSYCHICS TELL IT LIKE IT IS!

'Messages from loved-ones to loved-ones: The purpose of all John's Readings and Spiritual Connections are one of Guidance and Counsel; providing Healing through Understanding: Physical / Organic, Psychological / Mind'
The purpose of a public-demonstration of Psychic: Spiritual Mediumship, Clairvoyance & Spiritual Connections (Platform Work) is not to give everyone in the audience a reading but to open people’s mind's to the reality that an afterlife does exist and is very much a part of our reality and that Spiritual Connections are achievable. John believes that public-demonstrations are a stepping-stone toward a private reading, sort of a 'taster session,' before committing and investing in the real thing. Also allowing you to witness for yourself other people receiving messages which, hopefully, will remove any fears and misconceptions you may have formed around Psychics, Spiritual Mediums, Clairvoyants & Spiritual Connections: Not to mention death and dying. For some, public-demonstrations of Psychic: Spiritual Mediumship, Clairvoyance and Spiritual Connections are simply a form of entertainment, a way of filling an empty Thursday evening, though most attend with a prime-purpose and objective - A reason! These reasons will often vary from one person to the next. From desperately wanting to connect to a departed family member, friend or acquaintances (Our loved-ones) to someone who is seeking proof of an afterlife, to know that their loved-ones will, and still, live on. Whilst others want to seek proof of their own immortality to know that they will live on after their own physical death, therefore removing their fears by the simple knowledge that life does continue. And, finally, some seek insight and comfort to deal with their own personal grief through loss; allowing them to freely move past bereavement and step back into life. For whatever reasons you attend a demonstration of Psychic: Spiritual Mediumship, Clairvoyance and Spiritual Connections can be a highly educational and thought-provoking experience. Even if you leave still remaining a skeptic, by witnessing enough evidence it's obvious, and the first step of a natural progressive-transition into becoming a believers; knowing that Spiritual Connections are real and that we all survive death. For whatever reasons you attend you will be made more than welcome in the midst of other like-minded-people; thus leaving in the knowledge that life does continue for all infinity and that Spirit is only ever one thought away, blending into our world as we do into theirs.

'And the Soul, afraid of dying that never learns to live' ~ The Rose

  • PRIVATE ONE TO ONE READINGS £40Readings with John are available @ The Feel Better Fast Clinic based in the picturesque rural village of Upper Denby, Huddersfield, HD8 – 8UB, where John conducts his Hypnotherapy sessions from, or alternative, in your own home (Costs depending on geographical location). A reading lasts between 45 minutes to one hour, although nothing is set in stone and your reading will always be allowed to take its full and natural course. All readings are private and confidential as John follows a strict Code of Conduct & Ethics / Fully Insured. Tarot and Psychometry will 'often' be used as a tool to help John guide you to the best of his abilities. The reading will consist of messages from your guides and loved-ones and a 6/12 months forecast: Any questions will thereafter be answered. All readings are recorded on a optional free CD for you to take home with you. John works along with his Spirit Guides (Spirit Friends) to deliver your reading in a simplistic black and white manner with humor and consideration; no-nonsense, non-judgmental and imparted with empathy and compassion, always honest and accurate: Telling it like it is!

  • TELEPHONE READINGS £45 –  The mechanics of a telephone reading are no different than that of a private One To One sitting, where John will tune into your voice and the reading will thereupon continue in its normal way and exactly the same as if you were sat in the room with John. This type of reading is becoming more and more popular in a world where time is limited and answers sought.

  • HOUSE PARTIES: GROUPS & CORPORATE £35 per- person (Price stated is based on 6/8 people attending: Smaller groups are also catered for POA)A great way to spend an evening (or day) with Family, Friends and Acquaintances on both sides of life! Bigger Groups & Corporate Events POA  #PSYCHIC SUPPERS are becoming very popular!

A private One To One reading can be an exiting and life-changing event. A Psychic Medium acts as a messenger to contact loved-ones who have passed-over to the Spirit World, passing on messages to give closure and peace.  We often worry too much about dying that it stops us from living. A private One To One reading, done well, will quash all those fears and leave us free to enjoy life for what it is... A short visit not to be wasted! Answering those all important questions. Isn't it time you booked your reading TODAY? As your answers await!

A Reference Note: People often ask; what's the difference between a Psychic, a Medium and a Clairvoyant. In brief, Psychics obtain information by intuitively reading energies (Auras, etc), often using a cocktail of tools (Tarot Cards, Crystals, etc) whereas mediums communicate direct with Spirit, that's people who have passed over or Spirit Guides: Mediums also read energies and they too use various tools (Psychometry, Tarot Cards, Etc). So most readers are Psychic Mediums, each falling, more dominant, into either class depending on which method of reading is preferred and shows most strength within the individual. A Clairvoyant (Clairvoyance - Clear Seeing) receive their information visually. The titles can all be interchangeable depending on the development of the person but most people are Psychic Mediums but not necessarily Clairvoyant; they may receive information Clairaudience (Clear Hearing), Clairsentience (Clear Feeling), Claircognizance (Clear Knowing), Clairgustance (Clear Tasting)... Hope this helps!

Details To Follow!

John believes that all Mediumship is Mind to Mind and that free communication is not limited or restricted to either side of life: His belief is that everyone is capable of learning and mastering Psychic and Mediumship skills as this is a natural instinct that some have been lucky to have kept since birth whilst others can later relearn, and not something that is only for the chosen few. #Mind 2 Mind



'If you are struggling connecting when reading for clients, channeling healing or becoming distracted and therefore diverted in sittings or sessions; then these could be the most important words you will ever read'

One of the UK's top psychoanalytical hypnotherapists freely gave me this most invaluable advice upon entering the healing profession, what now seems like many, many moons ago; 'Before you can heal your clients you have to first heal yourself.' Or put simply; 'physician heal thyself.'

'Past lives are the autobiography of your eternal Soul; therefore a life you've lived could be affecting the life your living'  Paulo

Most psychics, mediums, healers and therapists have all walked very difficult paths. Often these difficulties, the same difficulties that have led them to the work they now do today, are felt and displayed as emotional, anxiety and nervous disorders; fears, phobias and panic attacks, along with the many other neurotic, psychogenic and psychosomatic disorders commonly experienced, though not always admitted, consequently creating blocks, obstacles and avoidance's that hinder progression on both a personal and professional level. Symptoms appearing without any organic reason for their existence often have their roots planted firmly in past and present life memories and the root cause of many present-day, presenting symptoms; blocks, obstacles and avoidance's.

'If we as a reader, healer or therapist, coincidentally associate with our clients problems, we can unintentionally avoid the uncomfortable place where their healing is most often found'
J. A Laundon 1909-2000

Regression, whether Past Life or Present Life, is a self-exploratory therapy based technique used to bring about the release of negative trapped emotions that trigger frequent and reoccurring neurotic symptoms by association, both mental and physical; creating blocks, obstacles and avoidance's commonly experienced amongst readers, healers and therapists alike and common in this typical group personality type: A regression provides healing through understanding. Using highly advanced and innovated regression techniques 'The Regressor' will always return to a past life, or present life memory most relevant according to their own individual symptoms providing the healing necessary to alleviate all unwanted present-day, presenting symptoms, thereafter allowing readings, healing and therapies to be conducted totally free of blocks, obstacles and avoidance's. Past life regression in itself is very much underestimated and rarely conducted in mainstream therapies today and all to the detrimental cost of the attending client. Imagine finding in a past life where you were a Healer, Oracle, Seer or Psychic; discovering these previously learnt skills could help you immeasurably in your life and work today. By releasing negative trapped emotions attached to memories, whether past or present life, we can rid ourselves of the blocks, obstacles and avoidance's that burden and hinder our daily lives. Also pains that have no organic reason to exist (Psychogenic / Psychosomatic Disorders) can all mysteriously disappear through self-realisation and understanding: Acknowledge, Reprogramme, Succeed! For further information on Past Life & Present Life Regression contact The Feel Better Fast Clinic: Hypnotherapy; Coaching & Counselling on:
                                              T: 07800584077 or Visit: /




  • MIND, BODY & SPIRIT EVENTS – Visit us at the many MBS Shows John attends throughout the UK: Readings can be pre-booked via this Website or by Calling T:07800584077 to avoid disappointment - Inc Soul 2 Soul Past Life Regression.


  • PAST LIFE REGRESSION / HEALING & THERAPY - Do you often see people who seem familiar but you cannot place them? Feel an instant warmth to someone or deep loathe? Feel a connection with a certain place; town or city? All these questions and many more can be easily answered, as the mysteries of life unfold, with PAST LIFE REGRESSION: For more information CLICK HERE!

  • PSYCHE 'SPIRTIUAL' HEALING -  John Richardson is a compassionate and gifted Healer: His credo of one Universal Consciousness and holism-recognition of the sacred trinity, Body, Mind and Spirit, and that no attempt should be made to cure the Body without the Soul; along with a steadfast belief and prodigious understanding of the Mind's fathomless powers allows for extraordinary healing, especially in times of hopeless and helpless need. Using the Mind to heal the body is nothing new. Born with man himself in the original Eden it became lost in the mists of time. With a full circle now turned we are once again looking towards the Mind as the prescriber of the cure, rediscovering man's intrinsic, inborn physician: Natural and essential. The human psyche is the epicentre of all healing, tapping into the power of the Mind to assist in the recovery and prevention of all our ailmets: Body, Mind and Spirit. For more information CLICK HERE!

JOHN RICHARDSON ~ SPIRITUAL HEALER - Working through his team of Spirit Doctors, Healing Guides and Spirit Guides, John creates a link, a channel, allowing Extraordinary Healing to take place via himself to help alleviate Pain and Sickness: Physical / Organic, Psychological / Mind. Note: John Richardson is also a Reiki Master Healer

 May YOUR God go with YOU; until WE meet

TEL: 07800584077



'John provides Readings of Guidance & Counsel'

The purpose of all John's Readings and Spiritual Connections are one of Guidance and Counsel; providing Healing through Understanding: Physical / Organic, Psychological / Mind.  

Don't Avoid it, Resolve It!
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