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As far back as childhood John always knew he was different, he could not tell you why, he just knew he was different. This often caused him alienation by exclusion and therefore becoming somewhat of a loner in spite of having a Grandfather who's prophetic and prognostic understanding recognised and always nurtured his cause (Re: Picture right - 'Grandfather' J. A Laundon 1909-2000). Born in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire on the 11th of February 1961 into a  'NORMAL' working class family, John always found it difficult to conform to 'NORMAL' thinking and as a consequence displayed obvious idiosyncratic behaviors: Often very much misunderstood. An empathetic thinker made him highly 'sensitive' to situations that others were not. Unknowingly at this time these would be the same 'sensitive' faculties fundamental to the gift he had still yet to discover (Re: A Medium is often referred to as a Sensitive). John's first and early recollections of Spiritual Connections were hearing voices just before falling asleep and then upon awakening: In those split second moments before losing consciousness and before regaining consciousness. Also frequently awakening in the night from hearing a sudden shout or words spoken: Which still happens to this day, though now with full understanding.
 “I can remember as a child seeing the elderly whilst travelling on buses, imagining life after their stop, creating images of them living alone, lonely, with feelings of empathy filling my body; the emotional pain consciously lasting for days.”    John Richardson
A new chapter begun in the life of John Richardson as he entered his fifty-fifth year (John is a Practicing Holistic Hypnotherapist and for the past twenty years has been the owner and founder of The Feel Better Fast Clinic: Hypnotherapy; Coaching & Counselling www.feelbetterfast.co.uk), pursuing his intrigue after first receiving instruction and thereafter becoming a dedicated and lifelong student of 'Spiritual and Psychic Development' under the expert guidance and watchful eye of #1 International Spiritual Medium & Clairvoyant Simon Goodfellow (Re: Picture left).......... Psychics, Spiritualist  Mediums & Clairvoyants have always held a fascination for John, his ever-increasing
curiosity constantly fed from attending the countless number of live psychic demonstrations presently performed around the UK; with many of the Psychics, Spiritual Mediums & Clairvoyants becoming household names and worthy stars in their own right. These include the late, and great, Colin Fry of the 6th Sense fame, Stephen Holbrok - Between Two Worlds, Sally Morgan - Psychic Sally, John Edward - Crossing Over, Derek Acorah - Most Haunted; Doris Stokes, Betty Shine, Tony Stockwell, Jean Cull, Gorden Smith... to name but only a few, not to mention Simon Goodfellow himself - Trained at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College. As well as a remarkable number of coincidences occurring, time had never been better aligned for this new chapter to begin and complementing John's work as an Holistic Hypnotherapist at the highly prestigious Feel Better Fast Clinic: Hypnotherapy; Coaching & Counselling, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, where he daily treats clients suffering Neurotic Symptoms (Neuroticism), often characterised by Emotional, Anxiety and Nervous Disorders; Fears, Phobias and Panic, Attacks, along with 98% STOP! Smoking Therapy, Weight Loss, IVF Preparation & Support, plus much, much more. The Feel Better Fast Clinic is the  Home of The Original (Dr. Rocket's™) Hypno-Gastric Band Procedure - The UK's #1 Slimming Band & Hypnotherapy Weight Loss System. For more information on Hypnotherapy and Weigh Loss Services Visit: www.feelbetterfast.co.uk *John is a regular attendee of Quarmby Spiritualist Church and especially the Thursday evening open circle... A really friendly gathering of like minded people.
We are all born with the inbuilt ability to connect to Spirit, through childhood experiences this connection is all-too-often turned off,  for the blessed few it is kept turned on:  We can all reconnect, we all have the gift!”
J. A Laundon ~ 1909-2000
A Significant Reminiscent Experience: John discovered through his many years of working with the thousands of clients attending The Feel Better Fast Clinic: Hypnotherapy; Coaching & Counselling that when a person enters the Altered-State-Of-Awareness Spirit can, will, and often does make direct or indirect contact, communicating freely with that person; with dreams very much included. It's only our fallaciously created, formed per-adolescent, limiting belief system that breaks, stops or interferes with  Spiritual Connections: These beliefs need to be repudiated in-order to freely reconnect to what was once a natural ability. John's first experience with the combination of Spiritual Connections and the Altered-State-Of-Awareness (Re: Trance Mediumship, Physical Mediumship, Mental Mediumship) was when a young female client attended The Feel Better Fast Clinic for sessions of Regressive Analytical Hypnotherapy... often refered to as HypnoAnalysis. As she regressed and started recalling memories of current life, past experiences, she suddenly started having, and became totally engrossed, in a two way conversation with her Mother who had past away some two and a half years prior to the starting of her treatment. As John sat back and observed the conversation it concluding with the young clients questions being satisfactorily answered and thereafter, from that session onwards, her life was totally transformed: The epiphany and indeed catalyst of her healing. This further stimulated John interest in Spiritual Connections as a key method of healing by answering man's most pondered question and the substantial generator of his unconscious fear based anxieties: Is there life after death?  Our families, friends and acquaintances have the greatest influence on all our lives and all too frequently depart from this world unexpectedly, leaving many questions unanswered and many words unsaid, that with hindsight, really ought to have been. John has never witnessed a client appear in the least bit frightened or distressed by a Spiritual Connection as it resembles, and is no different than, two people sat in a room chatting over a cup of tea. The same can also be said of Past Life Regression (Re: Life between lives / Future progression) in the respect that when a client is regressed through Hypnosis to solve problems in a current life they too often stray beyond into the realms of Past Lives. It is John's belief that all lives are interconnected and a continual part of the individual Soul and the Universal Mind with no beginnings and no ends (The many human lives lived are but one Soul life experience) and the reason why we  can contact and be contacted for all infinity. Universal Consciousness: Above all present human perception. Whilst experiencing a Spiritual Connection or Past Life Regression it is often thought that the whole experience is imagined and created within the imagination itself: Fantasy. Imagination is the language of the Unconscious Mind and the communicative method by which information is imparted; going way beyond human perception into the realms of Spirit and the Universal Conscious Mind: Driven by The One True Source. Do you actually think that all the thoughts that daily enter your Mind are all those of your own..... Do you?
Imagination is the language of the unconscious mind and the medium of its direct or indirect communications made conscious – We all have the ability to connect and communicate with spirit!”  J. A Laundon ~ 1909-2000

John Richardson is a Yorkshire based Psychic Spiritual Medium Clairvoyant & Psyche 'Spiritual' Healer (Re: Picture right).  First instructed and developed by Simon Goodfellow his readings and Spiritual Connections are delivered in a simplistic black and white manner with humor and consideration; no-nonsense, non-judgmental and imparted with empathy and compassion, always honest and accurate: Telling it like it is with no holds barred! The purpose of all John's Readings and Spiritual Connections are one of Guidance and Counsel; providing Healing through Understanding: Physical / Organic, Psychological / Mind. John works alongside his Spirit Guides, or as John likes to call them his Spirit Friends, to bring the two worlds ever closer together even though they are much closer then we are, unintentionally, conditioned to think. Family, friends and acquaintances will often provide information and share memories for you to validate; providing evidence that they are still around and that life does go on after physical death: Giving advice and guidance, helping you to move forward by knowing the simple truth that you are never alone and that they are always around. Also messages will be often received for you to pass on, at your discretion, to a third party member. In a sitting nothing can be guaranteed of course but the general rule of thumb is that the right person at the right time will always come through, often most unexpectedly. REMEMBER they know how you feel... And what it takes for you to HEAL!  All John asks is that you are open and receptive and most of all enjoy the experience. John is a compassionate and gifted Psyche 'Spiritual' Healer. Healing through Mind, Spirit, Thought and Intent. Allowing for extraordinary healing in times of hopeless and helpless need. John is also a fully competent Past Life Regression Therapist, originally Trained & Mentored by the UK's #1 Past Life Regressionist Mr. Peter Wall, discovering how your past could be affecting your present and influencing your future: Explore the possibilities today!

"John makes everything black and white"   Barry Ellis, Tenby, South Wales

“A Spiritual Connection invokes the power of the Mind to Heal”  Soul 2 Soul
Acknowledgement: A very special thank you for your experiential teachings and unconditional transference of knowledge; patience and understanding... I am forever in your debt Mr. Simon Goodfellow, no-one could ask for a  better Teacher, Mentor and Friend along with Dave for his, what can only be described as, covertly, unorthodox, words of encouragement.

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'John provides Readings of Guidance & Counsel'

The purpose of all John's Readings and Spiritual Connections are one of Guidance and Counsel; providing Healing through Understanding: Physical / Organic, Psychological / Mind.  

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