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From a child John has always had an enthusiastic and unwavering interest in Antiques and Natures Natural Phenomena: From Spiritual Paintings to the wonders and beauty of Crystals... Especially all things with Spiritual Connections. On this page you will find a selection of items from John's extensive personal collection that he is now offering for sale... These are items he has been drawn to and purchased over his many years of collecting... But with space running low some items need new homes in-order to make room to house and display his (frequent) new finds.

The items selected have all been purchase personally by John for the wonderful energies they hold and the beauty they possess. A beautiful item benefits a persons well-being.... Something of beauty to the beholder will give happiness which in-turn is a healing in itself. John will only buy items he feels drawn to and therefore not only do they have to be aesthetically pleasing on the eye but the energy has to feel right to John's sensitivity.

John has always had a specific interest in UK Crystals and a selection will be offered here... Although some foreign species will also be included... So watch this page and also FaceBook (CLICK HERE) and if you feel drawn to anything you can call John on T: 07800584077 or E-Mail  for more information... So please browse at your convenience and enjoy...
'The Passion'

This is a beautiful piece of art which evokes emotion...The piece is signed by the artist (A. Peltegrini) and is in wonderful condition with strong colours... Age considered.... With maybe just a few small blemishes.


This is an amazing and very rare piece of Emerald with Molybdenum inclusions...

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